Accounts Receivable Consulting

Increase your accounts receivable and receive payments more quickly!

Accounts receivable (AR) consulting from ZOLL provides customized consulting services designed to fit your needs or issues.  Whether you are a new client and need help bridging the billing process from your previous software to RescueNet Billing or are an existing user and need to optimize the billing office or system your needs will be met.  The AR Consulting team at ZOLL and has vast experience in medical billing and AR management, process redesign and system knowledge to allow her to understand an issue and incorporate system redesign and reports to not only identify the extent of an issue but to also monitor your progress. The overall result is quicker billing and in increase in total payments and payment timeliness. 

Some of the services provided:

  • New Customers – Do you need help bridging the billing processes used on your previous software to those of RescueNet Billing? Accounting for your key business issues in the new software will decrease the financial impact during the transition.
  • Staffing – staffing levels, job functions, and policies and procedures will be analyzed and compared to best practices in the industry. The management experience of the AR Consulting team will provide you with a structure to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Business Process Redesign – your entire billing processes will be reviewed from beginning to end and recommendations provide sot that the revenue process is optimized. The focus is to provide process redesign solutions focused on increasing net revenue and payment timeliness.
  • Reimbursement Analysis – if you have noticed issues with your reimbursement, a trending of payments will be analyzed through reports and EOB’s  to isolate the issue. A game plan will be created that allows you to evaluate and monitor progress.
  • Pre-bill/Run Sheet Reconciliation – a pre-bill process has been created that gives direct feedback to operations regarding the crew’s compliance of obtaining information critical to the billing process. The process includes accounting for all dispatched runs to assure they are billed.  In some instances, an increase in revenue can be realized.
  • Daily Billing Monitoring – numerous key daily reports will be created and scripted so that you have a pulse on the efficiency of your billing operation. 
  • Productivity Reporting – knowing the productivity in your billing office allows you to objectively manage your staff. The reporting also allows you to set goals that ultimately raise productivity across the board.
  • Monthly Executive Reporting – your billing and accounting staff will be educated on the monthly closing process/reports and how to use the information to create a trending of key billing criteria that compares your operation to industry standards.
  • System Analysis – When was the last time your reviewed your system set-up?  Are your schedules and workflows set up in an efficient fashion to allow timely and efficient follow-up?  Your system set-up will be analyzed and your staff educated accordingly so that you can realize the power of the system functionality. 
  • Denials management – What is your denial percentage? Denials provide a wealth of information and tell you where to improve your processing.  You will be shown how to better manage these from reporting perspective and staff perspective so that you recognize a payment on the first submission.