Eligibility for RescueNet Billing


Cut time spent on eligibility checks by up to 80%.

Do you know how much time your agency spends on checking eligibility? Time spent waiting on the phone, returning calls, digging through websites? We’ve found that most agencies spend up to 25% of their time tracking down patient eligibility. Now you can reduce that time by up to 80% with the new Eligibility feature in RescueNet Billing. With the Eligibility Module you can: 

  • Check eligibility from INSIDE RescueNet Billing with one click
  • Automation can initiate checks before the pre-billing process even starts
  • Responses are returned within 10-30 seconds
  • Valuable data returned from payor is stored right in the module

Automation is the key to saving time and money. 

By automating the eligibility verification process, you can:

  • Make sure a patient is eligible prior to transport
  • Drastically reduce staff resources dedicated to the insurance verification process going from 1-3 minutes to 10-30 seconds            
  • Reduce data redundancy and transcription errors
  • Increases cash flow and reduce DSO. 

Don't lose that valuable data! 

With integrated Eligibility for RescueNet Billing, all the valuable information returned from the payor is stored directly in the module for easy access. You can easily view returned information such as:

  • Patient demographics including patient name, date of birth, corrected insurance ID, and patient address if on file.
  • Payor information such as additional insurance coverage, plan type, payor address and payor website if available.
  • Benefit details including remaining deductible and coinsurance amounts.


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