RescueNet Resource Planner

Let RescueNet Resource Planner get your organization running at optimal performance.

Creating optimum schedules requires the execution of industry best practices that includes detailed demand assessment, overlaid with business rules and resource levels. RescueNet Resource Planner is a powerful tool for this demand-based deployment of personnel and resources, balanced with service level agreements and financial goals.

RescueNet Resource Planner is a proven solution for quick, efficient and accurate deployment planning. Eliminate the challenges with traditional deployment planning such as planning for inconsistent levels of demand, inability to tie organizational financial constraints and goals to the deployment plan and not knowing if the plethora of multiple shift types you have are the right ones.

With Resource Planner you can easily import your demand data, quickly model and evaluate the appropriateness of different scenarios and understand the cost effects of your organization’s business rules. And once the optimum schedule is created with Resource Planner, it can be easily managed on a day-to-day basis by importing it into RescueNet Crew Scheduler.

Leading EMS organizations use RescueNet Resource Planner to improve their UHU, control shift expenses, improve shift utilization and dramatically decrease the scheduling effort to meet their demand. Improve compliance and increase transport revenues with accurate deployment of your resources.

resource planner screenshot