Known Issues List

Welcome to the Known Issues page.  This page can help customers find work around information for common issues they may experience while using ZOLL software.  We're constantly making updates, so please check back periodically.

Latest Update: 9/21/2016

RescueNet ePCR

Auto Save feature deleting Dispatch PCRs
TabletPCR Error - Root Element Missing
Unable to View Vehicles When Trying to Move a PCR
Unable to View or Delete Admin Messages in ZDMC
TabletPCR reinstallation fails on ZollData.StaticData database install and configuration after uninstalling an existing installation of TabletPCR
PCR from XSeries Case Not Loading in FireRMS
WebPCR Print icon from the inbox goes into Complete PCR function
PCRs not showing in PCR Search even when they are in Archive
TabletPCR will not launch due to an error.
RESOLVED - Cannot process PCR – LungSoundsLeft Errors
RESOLVED - PCR Header displaying incorrect time (GMT) with CAD to Tablet
Deleted “Cause of Injury” items show up when in wizard mode
False Admin Messages Building Up
RESOLVED - Blank Receiving Doctor Name causes error in Auto Narrative.
Manually created PCRs wiping out dispatched PCR information with Auto Merge.
Ampersand in PCS Form causes error releasing to Billing or Archive
Adobe Reader Version stops ePCR Faxing
Narrative Field Cuts off Text in Tablet Main Server Report ZINC00002400
ePCR 6.0 - Complete Call Rule Editor
ePCR 6.0 - Invalid Phone Number
ePCR 6.0 - Version Issue reads

RescueNet CodeReview

XSeries PCR Page Does Not Load in FireRMS
ePCR 6.0 - Shock Delivered Intervention

RescueNet FireRMS

Viewing PCR's in FireRMS - Page Does Not Load
Roster comments field is "greyed out" when adding personnel
Unable to hide Situation Tab using Incident Tab Control Function
Patient Disclosure Form
RESOLVED - Mandatory Social Security Number
RESOLVED - Occupancy History Record
RESOLVED - Lock Incident Securities
FireRMS v5.0: Unable to add UDTABS When FireRMS mobile is in use


RescueNet Dispatch

ECT and Caller Queue modules don't respect Save Settings command
Trip import- Trip history does not show customer change
Lines in Street or Highway Layers not displayed as configured
Invalid license for Demand Monitor and Deployment Monitor when upgrading DispatchPro to 4.5.
Flight loaded mileage incorrect when Multiple Time Zones are used
Encountered an “Improper Argument” after upgrade to 4.5.
Emergency Call Taking Interacting Poorly with Call Taking or Charges
Demand Analysis report not working with UNIT selector

RescueNet Navigator

Numeric key presses advance screen

RescueNet Billing

Upgrade utility hangs or fails while updating attachments
Upgrade and runtime failures when .NET 4.5.1 is present
Importing updates without drop off information will reset residence flag
Miscellaneous Adjustment Accounting report does not track all possible miscellaneous adjustments
Jobs indicated as B-Legs will import as A-Legs
Imports with billing zones fail.
Payors returning LX#01 as a Line Item Control Number causes batches to fail import in batch posting
Batch Posting does not accept claim level payment information.
Automatic Denial Settings Not Respected When a Denial and a Credit Are Both Present For a Trip
Batch Posting – Amount Posted refresh issue
Resolved in Lumped Drug Charges Increases Base Rate Quantity

Road Safety

Resolved: Unexpected Seat Belt Tones