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Webinar - Eligibility for RescueNet Billing

Bell Ambulance saves 236 hours each week checking eligibility with RescueNet Billing and TriZetto


Prior to using RescueNet Billing’s automated eligibility check feature, Bell Ambulance spent approximately 10 minutes per claim verifying insurance. With about 1,460 eligibility checks per week, that added up to 236 hours of calling, faxing and searching websites. Inaccurate insurance information would result in denied claims and delayed reimbursements.

In this webinar you will hear from Bell ambulance how RescueNet Billing with TriZetto enabled them to:

  • Increase electronic claims submission to 90%
  • Automate the eligibility verification process and reduced billing lag by 25%
  • Reduce time spent on verifying each claim from 10 minutes to less than 10 seconds
  • Decreased denials by reducing the risk of bad insurance upfront
  • More accurately predict cashflow based on pre-transport eligibility checks
  • Reallocate biller time to focus on other tasks


Watch the Webinar