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Brittany Frater

Brittany Frater
Brittany Frater is the Content Marketing Manager at ZOLL Data Management Products. With a background in English and a decade spent in marketing, she is passionate about creating high-quality content that educates, inspires and motivates people. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the ZOLL blog and website full of exactly that, by liaising with industry experts in EMS and Fire and helping them share their knowledge and experience with ZOLL's audience.

Recent Posts

ZOLL Pulse Awards 2019: Celebrating our Exceptional EMS Practitioners

Brittany Frater | May 17, 2019
Another successful SUMMIT on the books! As we reflect on the events of the last week, once again the team at ZOLL would like to...
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Finding the Right Revenue Cycle Management Vendor

Brittany Frater | Mar 18, 2019
Capturing, managing and collecting revenue is a fundamental aspect of being in business, even if your business is to serve the public....
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ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Matt Havens

Brittany Frater | Dec 6, 2018
Stop Acting Your Age! a Unique Keynote on Generational Leadership If you’ve listened to discussions about generational issues at work,...
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Behind the Scenes with a Beta Customer

Brittany Frater | Nov 27, 2018
CareMed gets in on the ground floor with ZOLL Billing Note: ZOLL Billing is now widely available in market. To learn more about getting...
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Why Your EMS Agency Should Be Tracking Financial & Operational Metrics

Brittany Frater | Nov 20, 2018
It’s imperative that the industry begins to collect accurate data now, as it will be used to direct future reimbursement decisions. Are...
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The Most Important Metrics Your Agency Should Be Measuring

Brittany Frater | Nov 13, 2018
“Data is a great four-letter word, but operationalizing it or turning it into actionable intelligence is a key activity for any...
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The Challenge of Counting Costs

Brittany Frater | Nov 1, 2018
  In EMS, our reimbursement doesn’t cover our costs.
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