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Christa Lassen-Vogel, Senior Manager, ZOLL Data Systems

Christa Lassen-Vogel, Senior Manager, ZOLL Data Systems
Christa Lassen-Vogel the Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at ZOLL Data Systems. She is a veteran healthcare marketer specializing in branding, innovation, and customer-centric content. Motivated by a strong desire to connect customer needs with meaningful solutions, she takes pride in immersing herself in her audience’s experience in order to provide authentic, valuable information and insight. Prior to joining ZOLL Data Systems, Christa was instrumental in the growth and success of several early-stage SaaS companies, an international nonprofit, and in developing a comprehensive education and wellness program for people living with chronic disease. She has crafted successful product concepts and brand strategies for global consumer and B2B enterprises, named products from surgical devices to oatmeal, and was the award-winning creative force behind numerous print and television campaigns.

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Emergency Medicine is Facing the Imperfect Storm in 2021

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Now Is the Time to Make the Transition to Electronic Charting

N.Y. State 2022 CME Recertification Requirements Signal Shift Toward ePCR
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How to Boost Billing Performance and Patient Satisfaction

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