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About the Author:

Lindsay Alexander

Lindsay Alexander (Gross) is a content marketer, brand journalist and digital strategist with 15 years experience creating, enhancing, managing and promoting multi-channel, integrated marketing and editorial campaigns for the healthcare and technology industries.

Recent Posts by Lindsay Alexander

Lindsay Alexander | Mar 29, 2018

March Roundup: Make EMS Billing Easier, Learn to Manage a Media Crisis, Improve Operational Efficiency & More!

Perhaps you spent your free time diving into March Madness instead of keeping up on the latest on the ZOLL Pulse Blog. That’s OK. We’ve got ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Feb 27, 2018

American Heart Month Roundup: The Role of Data in CPR & STEMI Care

Did you know that about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year? That’s one in every four deaths. Of those ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Feb 22, 2018

LA County Fire Collects & Analyzes Data to Improve CPR Performance

One of the largest fire departments in the United States, the Los Angeles (LA) County Fire Department has 174 fire stations, 73 paramedic ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Feb 15, 2018

Road Safety Reduces Risky Behavior & Fleet Costs [& Improves Patient Satisfaction!]

As an EMS agency, what if you could reduce risky behavior? Reduce fleet costs? And improve patient satisfaction? EMS leaders in Missouri, ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Feb 6, 2018

How to Successfully Navigate the EMS Landscape in 2018

During the month of January, the ZOLL Pulse Blog was focused on tips and tools to help your EMS or Fire agency succeed in 2018. Check out ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Jan 23, 2018

Let's Talk ZOLL Pulse Awards: Who Won Last Year & How to Nominate Someone Awesome in 2018

Each year, ZOLL recognizes EMS professionals who strive to use data solutions to improve patient, financial and operational outcomes. These ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Dec 26, 2017

Looking for EMS Software Best Practices? Check Out ZOLL’s Educational Webinars!

Many of the world’s most successful people have a commitment to constantly learning. 

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Lindsay Alexander | Dec 19, 2017

Safety Academy: FREE Ambulance Safety CAPCE eLearning Courses

Is ambulance safety a concern or focal point in your organization? We fully support that! ZOLL is committed to improving ambulance safety ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Dec 14, 2017

What Were the 12 Hottest Topics in EMS in 2017?

Because the holiday season is in full swing, I was tempted to begin this blog post with one of my favorite Christmas clichés (think: a ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Nov 30, 2017

Safety, Savings & Best Practices for Vehicle Operators

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time again to look back at the best of 2017. Our ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Nov 2, 2017

How to Improve the Patient Journey from Dispatch through Discharge: October Roundup

During the month of October, we posted an array of content on the ZOLL Pulse Blog addressing the patient journey from dispatch to patient ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Oct 3, 2017

September Roundup: Leverage These Tips & Tools to Prepare for a Disaster in Your Community

EMS systems and providers are an integral component of each state’s emergency response system and are also a critical element of our ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Sep 28, 2017

NAEMT Report Examines EMS Preparedness & Training

Our communities expect EMS agencies to be ready to take care of patients 24/7 in the event of a man-made or natural disaster, which can ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Aug 31, 2017

August Roundup: The Latest Tech Trends, Security Best Practices for Mobile Devices & More!

If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll notice that the ZOLL Pulse ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Jul 5, 2017

Bookmark These 9 Blog Posts on How to Enhance Safety

We all struggle with information overload in our inbox and on our social networks. That being said, I won’t take it personal if you missed ...

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