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Pulse Blog From ZOLL Data Systems

The Critical Role Communication Centers Play in the EMS Transformation
(9 min read) Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a communications center worker answered an emergency call from a caller who relayed...
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Labs of All Sizes Can Benefit From Employing Revenue-enhancing Best Practices

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 8, 2021
(2 min read) The COVID-19 lockdown caused a rapid drop-off in routine labs and specialty testing. Even those that were processing COVID...
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Complete Patient Documentation Earns More Revenue and Mitigates Liability Risk

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 4, 2021
(3 min read) During the 2021 ZOLL Summit Series ePCR & Fire event, quality assurance analyst and clinical educator, Jason Haag, spoke about
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Lessons Learned From EMS Documentation Legal Case Studies

(4 min read) Emergency Medical Service (EMS) documentation continues to be one of the most vexing challenges for EMS practitioners and...
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Custom Reports Inform Your Quality Improvement Initiatives With Data-driven Insight

ZOLL Data Systems | Oct 19, 2021
(5 min read) If you learn to leverage the custom reports function for your ePCR system, you can stay focused on critical issues while...
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What Radiology Practices Need To Know About the No Surprises Act

(3 min read) Large, unexpected medical bills are increasingly at the forefront of patients' minds. Surprise billing situations occur when a...
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COVID, Competition, and the Cloud Push the Industry Toward EMS 4.0

(6 min read) EMS 3.0 introduced the concept of transforming the Emergency Medical Services industry from emergency response and transport...
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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Potential Revenue Cycle Win for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

(2 min read) Data science made advances toward artificial intelligence (AI) for years, which encouraged scientists to believe the dream of...
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The History of NEMSIS 3.5 and How a Data-driven Industry Saves More Lives

ZOLL Data Systems | Aug 17, 2021
The Evolution of NEMSIS, the National EMS Information System  (3 min read) The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) built...
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Now Is the Time to Make the Transition to Electronic Charting

N.Y. State 2022 CME Recertification Requirements Signal Shift Toward ePCR
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