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Pulse Blog From ZOLL Data Systems

6 Reasons You Can’t Miss SUMMIT 2019

Kelli Turner | Oct 30, 2018
ZOLL SUMMIT is ZOLL’s largest educational event of the year that brings together hundreds of EMS and fire professionals from all over the...
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Company Officers: Fire’s First Line of Safety in the Field

Clay Fenwick | Nov 21, 2017
Most paid Fire and EMS departments or organizations have a dynamic on their fire apparatus that isn’t included on their ambulances. No,...
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Learn More About the NFPA & How You Can Make a Difference

Clay Fenwick | Nov 16, 2017
Many believe the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to be a regulatory body. Actually, the NFPA is a global nonprofit...
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Powerful Reporting Tool FireRMS Helps Agencies Piece Together Emergency Incidents

Jonathan Lee | Sep 19, 2017
RescueNet FireRMS has been, and will continue to be, the mainstay reporting tool documenting incidents for the Omaha Fire Department. We...
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Struggling to Find Funding for Your EMS Agency? Apply for a Grant

Josh Hurguy | Jun 15, 2017
Many of us in the fire and emergency medical service (EMS) industry are familiar with the process of searching for a funding source once a...
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How to Get Your Hospital Partners to Share EMS Data

Omaha Fire is currently working to share our patient care reports (PCRs) with local hospitals, with the caveat that we would receive...
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Conformity: A Real Threat To A Just Culture

Sally McCabe | Oct 11, 2016
Just culture refers to a values-supportive model of shared accountability. It's a culture that holds organizations accountable for the...
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Practice As You Play: Be Prepared for a MCI Event in Your Community

Con Olson | Sep 26, 2016
Emergency services changed greatly in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Did we sustain the change? If you are from a metropolitan area, you...
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I Remember, I Mourn & This Year I Dance

Sally McCabe | Sep 6, 2016
I wrote this post last year on the fourteenth anniversary of a day that I, like most New Yorkers, will never forget. Like many others, I...
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Let Your Voice be Heard on NFIRS Codes

Mat Jackmond | Oct 29, 2014
Did you know that your voice needs to be heard about “NFIRS Codes”? For those of you that think that you have to live with the...
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