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Pulse Blog From ZOLL Data Systems

Looking for EMS Software Best Practices? Check Out ZOLL’s Educational Webinars!

Lindsay Alexander | Dec 26, 2017
Many of the world’s most successful people have a commitment to constantly learning.Spending at least a few hours each week learning from...
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What Were the 12 Hottest Topics in EMS in 2017?

Lindsay Alexander | Dec 14, 2017
Because the holiday season is in full swing, I was tempted to begin this blog post with one of my favorite Christmas clichés (think: a...
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How to Improve the Patient Journey from Dispatch through Discharge: October Roundup

Lindsay Alexander | Nov 2, 2017
During the month of October, we posted an array of content on the ZOLL Pulse Blog addressing the patient journey from dispatch to patient...
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7 Essential Elements for a High-Quality Patient Care Report

Sean Kukauskas | Oct 24, 2017
More so today than in the past, the need for healthcare professionals to write and maintain accurate, high-quality and detailed...
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How Can New Technology Guarantee Patient Care Comes First?

Joseph C. Moran | Oct 19, 2017
Being a large private EMS company doesn’t come easy these days. The days are long for clinicians, the incidents are becoming more stressful...
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The Time to Become Step 1 in Your Community’s Continuum of Care is Now

Mark Bober | Oct 17, 2017
Too often in our pursuit of a “smart system” on which to base our EMS decisions, we find ourselves bound and limited by the very technology...
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3 Simple Countermeasures to Sustain Effective Documentation & Reimbursement during a Major Incident

Electronic health records (EHRs) have become the standard of care in most healthcare systems throughout the United States. This shift was...
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What Happens to Your EMS Operations When Disasters Strike?

Andy Geske | Sep 5, 2017
While writing this blog, Hurricane Harvey has been dropping several feet, not inches, of rain on the Southern Texas and the surrounding...
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August Roundup: The Latest Tech Trends, Security Best Practices for Mobile Devices & More!

Lindsay Alexander | Aug 31, 2017
If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll notice that the ZOLL Pulse Blog has a brand new look! We hope you find it far more engaging and...
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ZOLL Online: Our Journey to Zero Downtime Releases

Rob Humphreys | Aug 24, 2017
While most of the articles on the ZOLL Pulse Blog address issues with which our customers grapple every day, I’d like to change gears a bit...
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