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Transforming Fire & EMS with a cloud-based ePCR

Miami (Ohio) Township Fire & EMS

Miami Township Fire & EMS Makes It Easier for Medics to Document Patient Care

Instant and easy online access to EMS data gives Miami Township Fire and EMS the ability to make changes to medical protocols that have a direct, positive impact on patient care.

What Our Customers are Saying

"The efficiency of ZOLL software has streamlined our QA/QI process, which allows a faster transition to reimbursement billing for transports."

Steve Kelly, Chief | Miami Township Fire & EMS

Fast, Accessible Patient Care Reporting

Instant and easy online access to EMS data gives Miami Township Fire and EMS the ability to make changes to medical protocols that have a direct, positive impact on patient care.

About Miami Township Fire & EMS

The Miami (Ohio) Township Fire & EMS provides fire, rescue and emergency medical response. The agency, based in Clermont County, is a four-station department with four ambulances that employs 47 full-time employees, supplemented by a dynamic group of about 40 part-time and volunteer personnel.

The Challenge

Greg Ortman, firefighter and administrator for Miami Township Fire & EMS, reflected on the “good old days” of PCR in EMS.

“It used to be, the completion of a run we would print a report at the hospital, then leave a copy there. We’d come back to the station and print our own report at the station. Those would accumulate in a secure area. Eventually someone would take those and review them.”

If they were doing between 350 to 400 runs a month, and each run generated a five to six page report, that resulted in over 2,000 pieces of paper being printed every month at the station alone.

Ortman continued, “The problem was we have four stations, so collecting the reports from every station after they'd been reviewed was time consuming. Not to mention filing them away in a chronological order. We needed to have a couple of people dedicated to this.”

When Miami Township switched to a software solution, they found that there were terrible glitches in the system which were resulting in a cross-contamination of data. Add to that the fact that the vendor regularly didn’t deliver on promises and continuously provided bad tech support, and you have a nightmarish ePCR experience.

“The biggest challenge with our former software solutions was customer support, which was almost nonexistent. When you call into ZOLL, someone is going to answer. And even if they're not ePCR specialists, they'll get in touch with someone who is, or the ePCR specialist will call you back that same day.”

The Solution

Today, Miami Township utilizes both ZOLL cardiac monitors and software. They used RescueNet ePCR for three years, but when ZOLL released its new cloud-based ePCR solution 8 months ago they became one of the first customers to sign on for beta testing.

So far, they’ve found that ZOLL meets their needs in a number of ways:

  • Customizable so medics only view what is necessary
  • Easy to maintain with limited resources
  • And has automated reporting that allows you to monitor performance

“ZOLL’s cloud-based solution has made ePCR so much easier to administer. That was one of the big reasons for our move – we thought that this would definitely lighten our load given the amount of time we have to work on it and it would be a lot easier for us to manage.”

Now at the completion of a run, the report automatically faxes to the hospital. It's automatically stored on a dashboard, where the people who need it can easily access it. The whole Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) reporting process is electronic.

“Now the whole QA / QI process is automated to the point where we can just go to the ZOLL ePCR dashboard. Click on a run, and it's got all of that documentation there for us. So that's definitely a lot nicer!” Ortman said.

The Benefits

Over the last three years, Miami Township’s runs have increased about 10 percent every year, year over year, to the point where they are expecting to respond to over 5,000 EMS calls this year. Because of its ease of use, crews spend less time per patient report and get back in district more quickly.

“ZOLL ePCR has saved us a ton of time, our return to service time has gone down tremendously,” Ortman said. “Because we're not printing at the hospital, we don't have to complete the run there. Once the crew hits the complete button it's faxed to the hospital now. We've figured this out to where we're saving between a half hour to an hour. We're back in the community ready to respond faster, just by using that one feature. That one was really important to us.”

The new solution has allowed medics to reduce their in-service time by 15 minutes and cut at-hospital time down to a maximum of 15 minutes. In some cases, this amounts to over an hour saved per run. Additional benefits include:

  • Easier and faster QA/QI feedback 
  • Reporting provides data for budgeting and purchasing 
  • Monitor integration

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