Benefits of Road Safety

Road Safety provides proactive alarming which greatly reduces aggressive driving -- immediately resulting in improved safety, reduced liability, and lower maintenance costs.

Road Safety Culture of Safety

Improved Safety - Road Safety’s active driver monitoring and feedback system alerts drivers to unsafe operations such as speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking and high-speed turns.  Instead of “racing to the rescue,” Road Safety encourages drivers to operate smoothly and safely.  In many cases, safer driving actually results in better patient care (more pleasant environment for the patient and crew in the ambulance) and lower response times.

Reduced Risk & Liability - Stopping an accident before it happens greatly reduces potential liabilities, which can be financially catastrophic to your agency.  Comprehensive incident reporting and event analysis can be used to either reward or coach your staff.  Easy access to second-by-second event data can be critical to exonerate staff or prevent lawsuits. Improved agency safety records could also help to reduce rising insurance premiums.

Lower Operations & Maintenance Costs - From fuel to brake pads, tires and more, responsible driving drastically reduces fleet operations and maintenance costs.  Onboard vehicle monitoring allows fleet managers to schedule preventative maintenance, increasing vehicle lifespan and reducing expensive repairs.