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We Are Adding New Resources Daily

We at ZOLL are aware that our customers are at the heart of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While guidelines and recommendations are ever evolving, we have created this dedicated page for all ZOLL DATA product updates and guidance related to COVID-19.

In addition to this page, ZOLL has added a COVID-19 discussion topic and associated knowledge articles to our Online Community. 

Below is a listing of COVID-19 related updates categorized by product.

RescueNet ePCR

ZOLL has added the following functionality to the latest version of RescueNet ePCR:


Best Practices for Configuring RescueNet ePCR to Track COVID-19:
  • Impressions
  • Primary and Associated Symptoms
  • PPE
  • Personnel Exposures
  • Chief Complaints
  • Interventions
  • Miscellaneous Fields
Notice of Facility Name field size increase due to COVID-19 ICD-10 code Hotfix in RescueNet Billing

emsCharts ePCR customers will be able to use newly added COVID-19 functionality in the following areas:

Best Practices for COVID-19 Data Collection:

  • Impressions
  • PPE/Exposures
  • Patient Medical History
  • Adding Custom Assessment Questions
  • Hospital Units

Using ‘Special Reports’ to Add Custom COVID-19 Questions

Bio-surveillance, Mapping, and Analytics

Reporting (State + National)
  • ZOLL has been involved in conversations about reporting data at the State and National levels. One result of these conversations is a set of custom data fields that may be captured and reported to many states. These fields are currently in the design process at NEMSIS. When ZOLL has received the final design of these fields, we will update our customers on what to expect next.
  • Different states require different data points to be collected. Please refer to your state (or local) office of EMS for the data that they require.

  • If your organization needs to alter your documentation to adjust to this situation, please note that the changes that can be made to ZOLL reporting products vary by product.

ZOLL Billing

The following functionality has been added to ZOLL Billing:

New ICD-10 Emergency Code U07.1 is Now Available
RescueNet FireRMS

The following resource has been added for RescueNet FireRMS customers:

Best Practice for COVID-19 Data Collection

Special Study For COVID Data Collection User Defined Rules


Thank YOU for all your hard work and dedication during these unprecedented times.