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We are adding new resources daily

We at ZOLL are aware that our customers are at the heart of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While guidelines and recommendations are ever evolving, we have created this dedicated page for all ZOLL DATA product updates and guidance related to COVID-19.

In addition to this page, ZOLL has added a COVID-19 discussion topic and associated knowledge articles to our Online Community. Click here to sign in or register for a new Community account.

Below is a listing of COVID-19 related updates categorized by product.


RescueNet ePCR

ZOLL has created an easy-to-use dashboard in ZOLL Insights to help agencies visualize incident responses to suspected COVID-19 encounters. This dashboard is available to ZOLL Insights customers who sync in-premises or hosted RescueNet ePCR data. Below are additional updates to support COVID-19:


emsCharts ePCR customers will be able to use bio-surveillance and geocoding functionality within emsCharts at no additional cost until July 1st. Learn how to activate and configure bio-surveillance here.

  • Each location in the PCR will be assigned latitude and longitude coordinates. Your agency can configure bio-surveillance alerts to send notifications to selected contacts when a threshold number of calls with specific attributes within a specified time period is reached.
  • Armed with this geographic data, EMS agencies can help identify which regions require self-quarantine/social distancing compliance reinforcement, as well as direct resources to those communities most affected by COVID-19.
  • Impressions
  • PPE/Exposures
  • Adding Custom Questions

Reporting (State + National)

  • ZOLL has been involved in conversations about reporting data at the State and National levels. One result of these conversations is a set of custom data fields that may be captured and reported to many states. These fields are currently in the design process at NEMSIS. When ZOLL has received the final design of these fields, we will update our customers on what to expect next.
  • Different states require different data points to be collected. Please refer to your state (or local) office of EMS for the data that they require.

  • If your organization needs to alter your documentation to adjust to this situation, please note that the changes that can be made to ZOLL reporting products vary by product.

COVID-19 Data Dashboards

ZOLL is so proud of the work you do to support your patients and your community. We are monitoring your efforts, keeping your documentation tools up and responsive. ZOLL stands by the ready to assist you with reporting anything you need to help make your work more impactful. Below are a few dashboards that we have developed utilizing the data from our customers. Our products have a great deal of flexibility and we realize some of you may not be capturing data in this manner so we may be under reporting. 


Thank YOU for all your hard work and dedication during these unprecedented times.