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2019 ZOLL Pulse Award Winners

Each year, ZOLL recognizes EMS professionals who strive to use data solutions to improve patient, financial and operational outcomes. These individuals save their organizations money, time and resources, which enable their teams to save more lives within their communities.

Jeffrey Greenway – Billing Administrator

Thorne Ambulance Service

In 2017, Jeff and his team attended ZOLL Summit for the first time. Billing Pro was a new product at the time, but he immediately recognized it as something they had to have. Prior to implementing it, Thorne Ambulance was relying on Hospital Face Sheets, hoping that the crew would retrieve those sheets, especially on 911 calls. Jeff was able to address these shortcomings with Billing Pro. Once the system was installed, he was able to streamline workflows, reduce denials on claims and achieved faster accounts receivable turn-around time.

Robert Morgan – System Support Manager

Lifeguard Ambulance

Robert is a strong system support manager who continues to improve clinical care, operational efficiency, financial outcomes and overall operations with innovative solutions. In particular, he has found unique ways to improve operations based on granular-level data analysis that he refined in his own uniquely devised dashboard. That has allowed Lifeguard Ambulance to implement new strategies and refine their processes. His ability to analyze this detailed data and develop new ways to avoid delays in care has saved lives.

Michael Riley & Erich Schuenemann – Firefighter/Paramedic & Assistant Chief

Anchorage Fire Department

Riley and Scheunemann initiated and sustained the first-ever Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Program, which provides patient-centered, mobile resources in an out-of-hospital environment. This initiative has resulted in innovative solutions based on overall health and wellness of the high utilizers using cab vouchers and other means for transportation, assistance with obtaining meds and ongoing support… all of which has saved time, money and lives.

EMS Division

Cosumnes Fire Department

In 2016, the EMS Division embarked on the creation of the first EMS Master Plan for the Cosumnes Fire Department. This plan included the use of medical device and patient care reporting data to identify areas where they could impact comprehensive change to patient care delivery. Cosumnes used the team approach to accomplish a multi-phased strategy to improving patient outcomes of cardiac arrest incidents. This included implementing community wide sidewalk CPR, Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation certification, High Performance CPR/ Pit Crew CPR, cross training with cooperating law enforcement agencies who respond for unconscious / unresponsive persons, implemented the use of Zoll CPR-PADZ, the full capability of the ZOLL X series monitor and the additional data analysis of using the ZOLL CASE Review Premium analysis software.

Corey Martin – Director of Innovative Practices


As Director of Innovative Practices, Corey went the extra mile in improving clinical care, operational efficiency, leadership and overall operations to create a single source solution in all these areas using the ZOLL platform. Prior to this, the company was using multiple systems that were unable to communicate with each other. Combining all aspects of call, patient and billing tracking allowed them to streamline processes, track data in a single location and allow the systems to communicate. The results? Improved employee efficiencies and increased growth without adding additional FTE’s.

Mark Weade – Lieutenant

Upper Arlington Fire Division

Mark Weade has been with the Upper Arlington Fire Division for 10 years. He has made great strides in analyzing their EMS data to coordinate with their CARES (Community, Assistance, Referrals, and Educational Services) Program and identify residents most likely to call for falls and lift assists. Weade is always looking for ways to improve clinical care and streamline operations, resulting in fewer falls and a reduced need for transports to the Emergency Department.

Julie Mickow – Collections Specialist

Mayo Clinic

Julie has brought innovation not only to her own position, but to others as well over the years. She has taken on the challenge of assisting different departmental positions in becoming paperless, providing the means to convert to work from home. She is a creative problem-solver and performs the work of two people, contributing a significant amount to the revenue stream for the Mayo Clinic.

Lauren Emanuelson – Race to the Top Coordinato

Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois

“The bottom line is that you have to track and trend data to know where any deficiencies lie. Once you do that, you are compelled to do something about it! Create an open environment where people are talking about cardiac arrest and get employees engaged. When the employees own the process, it’s possible to drastically move the needle towards improvement that matters. I recommend you set high expectations, but understand the realistic limitations that no one can control. Break down each process and make sure it makes sense. Use the data. Once you make a change, train on that change. Then move on to the next area for improvement. Celebrate the small victories and keep working to move the needle toward better care.”

Steve Myers – Director of Patient Access

Mobile Medical Response

Steve Myers’ efforts have improved operational performance, quality of patient care and impacted how deployment decisions are made, all resulting in outstanding patient satisfaction scores. Steve has been able to save both the facility and MMR response time by implementing a Pre-arrival Text Alert System, which saves time and improves customer service. He also uses data to help facilities avoid unnecessary trips to the ER.

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