ePCR for the iPhone & iPad

Record patient vitals from anywhere

Designed specifically for first responders, the ZOLL ePCR App for iOS helps you capture the most critical patient information quickly and easily.  No more writing vitals or times on a glove or arm - just enter them into ePCR with a couple of taps.  Scan drivers licenses, insurance cards, and medications and eliminate typing completely.

With 510(k) clearance, ZOLL ePCR App even uploads 12 leads, vitals, interventions and audio from your ZOLL X Series monitor defibrillator.  The ZOLL ePCR App taps into native iPad features like voice to text for the dictation of narratives and notes.  And since the integration with ZOLL’s RescueNet ePCR last summer, data from the iPad App flows into the RescueNet system for use in state reporting, QA/QI and billing.

 ePCR 1.5 Incident Details
Record critical details at time of care for each incident

 ePCR1.5 Patient Info
Quickly access patient info with a tap

 ePCR1.5 Clicklists
Click to record medications, trauma, allergies and more


 ePCR 1.7 iPad Signatures

Collect signatures without a stylus

 ePCR 1.7 iPad print email PCR

    Print or email your PCR when complete



Timestamp activities with a single tap

 ePCR 1.8 Patient Vitals

Capture Patient vitals quickly from a single screen

ePCR1.5 Log In screen

Customize and secure your app with ZOLL Online


For more information about the latest version of ePCR App, click here to visit the iTunes store.