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Join us for an inside look at our brand new mobile communication and navigation app, ZOLL Respond.

Learn how Respond can improve crew compliance with its ease-of-use, increase accuracy with turn-by-turn directions and help supervisors and crew members communicate better with features like chat.

Check out our brand new mobile communication and navigation app, ZOLL Respond

ZOLL Respond will:

  • Give dispatch, your crew and the facility robust communication options (such as chat, push to talk and live streaming video)

  • Provide modernized mapping

  • And allow supervisors to know where vehicles are located

What Our Customers are Saying:

William Rosenberg, Chief Operating Officer at Butler Medical Transport said, “[It’s the] first product that ZOLL developed that is designed with millennials in mind: the way they work, the way they think, the way they act. Took what the ground crew does on a daily basis and implemented it in the product - not forcing the crew to work within ZOLL product parameters, but developing the ZOLL product to how crews work.”

Jason Krueger of Bell said, “Respond is very user friendly. Crews are able to use the product with minimal instruction ahead of time. Users are not bombarded with unnecessary pages of notes and information.”

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Presented By

"Nicole Leonard is currently the Senior Product Manager at ZOLL for the Communications and Dispatch Pillar. The products within that pillar are RescueNet Dispatch, Respond, @Work, Navigator, and FireRMS. Nicole brings 15+ years of business, finance, and product management experience to ZOLL.

Matt Arndt is the Senior Sales Engineer for ZOLL and covers all of the ZOLL Data applications. He has been with ZOLL for 15 years serving in a variety of roles and resides in northern Colorado."