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Best Practices for Best Results:
PCR Documentation


Charting got you down? Learn best practices for EMS PCR documentation, and how to optimize your reports for first time approvals.

Are your PCRs as efficient and effective as they could be? We all know that charting can be a time-consuming pain, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot goes into your narrative regarding patient care, but all too often there’s a disconnect between how that narrative impacts billing, metrics and business performance. Join us to learn what EMS providers should be documenting in their PCRs and narratives beyond the standard CHART, SOAP and chronological formats. We will also be providing some hot tips on using checklists, better charting for more efficient billing, and compliance.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Narrative types 
  • PCR metrics to track for QA
  • How thorough narratives positively impact Patient Care and EMS Billing
  • Implementing narrative quality reviews for better protocal compliance
  • Using checklists in narratives

And more! Register now and start leveraging documentation to achieve better results.

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"Tim is the Founder & CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, an independent EMS training & consulting company that has been in operation since 2010. Tim has full-time experience as a firefighter, critical care paramedic, and educator in a variety of rural, suburban, and urban EMS settings. He has developed reference products for EMS & incident management, is a columnist for an online EMS publication, an item writer for a promotional exam company, and the Editor-in-Chief of a printed publication – the EMS Director."

Tim Nowak, CEO | Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC