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Making Your EMS Data Work For You 

Whether you’ve already begun the journey to being a more data-driven organization or you are just getting started, there’s a lot of considerations that come into play when determining what to measure and how to action the data that’s coming in.

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Overcoming obstacles and applying data insights across your organization

Our survey of EMS owners and professionals in 2018 yielded some eye-opening realities as to the current state of the industry. An overwhelming majority of EMS professionals reported that their top concerns were improving clinical outcomes, operational metrics, and compliance – but that creating a strategy to achieve measurable results was really difficult.

In this ebook, we help you do just that. Download the EMS & Data ebook today for actionable advice from ZOLL's experts on:

  • Why Measure Dispatch Data?
  • Improving PCR Data Collection & Analysis
  • Measuring Billing KPIs for Increased Revenue
  • Making Sense of Your Data
  • Data and the Patient Experience
  • Leveraging the Cloud for Better EMS Data Management

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