Upcoming ZOLL Online platform maintenance & temporary outage

On Sunday, May 31, ZOLL Data Systems will be conducting planned system maintenance. This work requires an up to 4-hour window from 10:00pm - 2:00am MDT (GMT-6:00) during which the ZOLL Online platform (and the products hosted on it) will be temporarily unavailable.

We’re scheduling this work to occur during the period of lowest platform usage (overnight for most regions) and have made every effort to ensure that this work will have minimal to no impact on our customers’ operations. We anticipate a completely seamless experience, so you can conduct business as usual.

Although you will not be able to upload data, including 12-lead transmissions during the outage, you can continue to use your mobile devices as you normally do. You should plan now to communicate 12-lead data via alternate methods during the downtime. The platform will sync your data automatically after the maintenance has concluded.

ZOLL Data Systems customer and technical support teams will be available during the maintenance window to respond to your needs. This planned maintenance will ensure that the ZOLL Online platform continues to deliver the best possible performance, reliability, and security to our customers.

Special Instructions for Agencies Using Firewalls

Although uncommon, some agencies may need to update the company network firewall. If your agency uses a firewall to block or allow internet traffic from specific origins, the planned maintenance window will cause a change to the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with ZOLLOnline.com. As a result, if your company specifically allows traffic for or has whitelisted the current ZOLLOnline.com IP address (, that IP address will no longer be valid after May 31.

Two simple actions are required:

1. Your IT professional will need to add both of the following to your firewall’s allowed IP addresses: and You should implement this change before the May 31st maintenance window to ensure uninterrupted service following the planned outage.

2. After the maintenance window concludes, you may remove the old IP address (

Please be sure to work with your IT professional before making any changes to a firewall.

Tip: While all firewalls don’t permit direct input of web domains (e.g. google.com) and require the use of an IP address to block or allow internet traffic, for those that do permit domain names, we recommend that you use “zollonline.com” instead of the above IP addresses. In the rare instance that the zollonline.com IP address changes in the future, no other changes to your firewall would be necessary.

Special Instructions for ZOLL Billing Customers

It's possible that ZOLL Billing customers using NEMSIS Imports may experience your ePCR solution attempting to send trips over during the scheduled maintenance. If that happens, your ePCR solution will get a 404 error, indicating that it could not make contact with your API. Please make sure that any trips that failed to import are resent after ZOLL Online maintenance has concluded.