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Drive Safety Up & Push Costs Down

Improve safety, reduce costs associated with daily vehicle operations and create a culture of safety throughout your emergency response agency.

Road Safety Product Sheet

Top Benefits of a Proactive Driver Feedback System

Did you know there is a tool that will help you reduce preventable crashes and fuel and maintenance expenses? And it will pay for itself in one to two years. Road Safety empowers you to:

  • Realize immediate improvements, including
    • Creating a safer driving environment
    • Reducing vehicle maintenance costs
    • Improving fuel economy
    • Extending vehicle life
  • Leverage data analytics and reporting
  • Receive feedback in real time

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What Our Customers are Saying

"On top of no major incidents since implementation, we’ve consistently seen a steady decrease in maintenance costs – a 15 percent decrease from the previous period the last time we ran the numbers – as well as a decrease in fender benders."

Tim Brickell – Paramedic & Director of Operations | Medic One Ambulance