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Webinar - Reduce Claim Denials: Don't let denials drain your cash flow

ZOLL Billing specialist shares strategies for reducing claim denials


Do you know your denial rate or why you were denied? What happens to those denied claims and how does that impact your organization?

Enjoy this free webinar to learn about best practices in denial management. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Identify trends and root causes of denials
  • Prevent denials
  • Reduce controllable write-offs
  • Increase payment recovery
  • Use automation for better efficiency

Watch the Webinar

Presenter: BJ Terrill
ZOLL Senior Implementation Specialist for Billing and AR Consulting

"Ms. Terrill joined ZOLL in November of 2004 as a Billing Deployment Specialist. During her tenure at ZOLL she has worked with many ZOLL products but has specialized in RescueNet Billing. BJ has an extensive background in medical billing and EMS billing operations, combined with several years of implementation and training experience with medical software and operations, project management, and various other parts of EMS and medical operations. Ms. Terrill has been working with ZOLL’s A/R Consulting division over the past four years, working with clients to evaluate and improve their business practices. Billing processes and structure is reviewed and best practices are implemented."