RescueNet Navigator


Accurate, Real-Time Communication

RescueNet Navigator from ZOLL provides electronic two-way communication between dispatch and crews to ensure that critical information is communicated accurately and in real-time. Navigator also tracks crew status by activity time and location while providing routing guidance. Time stamps are automatically logged and sent so there is an accurate recording of events as they happen. If Navigator loses internet connectivity and goes into offline mode, time stamps are saved and automatically sent when connection resumes. This ensures that no matter where you are, your information is accurate. The Navigator user-interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Critical buttons are enlarged making important information and actions easily accessible. Instant visual notifications alert the crew when new information is sent, keeping them constantly informed and eliminating the possibility of vital information being missed on a radio call.  

Advanced Directional Capabilities

The mapping system provides crews with accurate turn by turn directions to quickly navigate the vehicle to the scene. The high level directional capability means decreased response and transportation times. This in turn results in fewer monetary penalties incurred by going beyond approved transport time limits. With Bing Maps, you get satellite, traffic and weather overlays, along with traffic alerts for additional information that could potentially affect response times.

Increased Awareness 

Supervisors can monitor the current status of all vehicles including unit locations, status, and assignments at the touch of a button. View information at-a-glance including incident number, nature, priority, assigned units and status or drill down for more detailed information. This gives management a window into the entire fleet and eliminates the need to contact the dispatch center for updates. A variety of reports are available to measure performance.