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Case Study

Fort Smith EMS Improved Safety & Lowered Maintenance Costs with Road Safety

Improve Safety & Lower Maintenance Costs

Fort Smith EMS amassed significant safety and cost savings by reducing aggressive driving.



How Did They Do It?

Fort Smith EMS installed Road Safety in its eight vehicles in order to leverage the system’s immediate audio feedback and customizable safety thresholds. Results showed drastic improvements including:

  • 72 percent reduction in excessive force violations
  • 95 percent reduction in speed violations
  • Significant increase in the average miles driven between violations
  • Increase in overall driver performance rankings
  • Improvements in driver behavior were observed independent of “type” of vehicle (i.e., 911 vs. transport)

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What Our Customers are Saying

"We thought we had a pretty good grasp on the driving performance of our personnel. The Road Safety demo proved we needed more than just video surveillance to ensure the safety of our patients and personnel."

Briand Weindel, Communications Manager| Fort Smith EMS