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Webinar Recording: Safety Series


The Ugly Truth My Data Revealed About My EMS Drivers

Even though Florida Hospital’s air services follow a strict resources safety checklist protocol before and after each flight, data from Road Safety revealed their ground crews’ vehicle operator performance was so poor it made leadership at the hospital sick to their stomachs. They decided that if they wanted to operate more like their air operations they would need:

  • Safety management system
  • Committee to help with employee/crew buy in
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Change in overall culture

This 30-minute webinar addresses why these goals led Florida Hospital to choose Road Safety and the results they’ve seen since implementation.

Speaker: Margot Ververis

Margot is the Senior Manager, Medical Transport Services at Florida Hospital based in Orlando, Florida. Margot has been a nurse for 28 years and became involved with EMS seven years ago in roles including both Chief Flight Nurse and Senior Manager. In addition to ensuring a culture of safety for the air operations, she is also experienced with taking the principals of safety from good crew resource management to ground based EMS 

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