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Use Real-Time Data to Improve Ambulance Response Times

Analyze your historical demand, create a deployment plan to cover it and react in real time to constantly-changing conditions.

RescueNet Dispatch Pro

Why Should You Analyze Your Dispatch Data?

Want to minimize your response times? Strategically place vehicles in the places where incidents are most likely to happen. Then, accurately route them to the call by taking into account a dynamic set of road conditions. With RescueNet Dispatch Pro you can:

  • Dispatch the fastest vehicle to a call to guarantee the shortest response time
  • React to real-time changes in demand coverage
  • Leverage daily and seasonal data for the most accurate information possible


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What Our Customers are Saying

"ZOLL gives us another tool in the arsenal to meet your response times, adjust to system demand, and keep your system working and adjusting on the fly."

Andy Geske – Chief of Information Technology & Communications | AAA Ambulance Service