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Webinar Recording: 7 Cardinal Sins of EMS Billing

Understanding the OIG's report on questionable billing practices with Brian S. Werfel, Esq


In September 2015, the HHS Office of the Inspector General released a report identifying 7 questionable billing practices for ambulance providers and suppliers. The OIG indicated that 1 in 5 ambulance services tested "positive" for at least one of these questionable billing practices.

This webinar:

  • Provides a detailed summary of the OIG's report.
  • Devotes specific attention to each of the 7 questionable billing practices identified by the OIG, including the background on each practice and the threshold used by the OIG to flag potentially inappropriate billing.
  • Provides practical tips for ambulance providers to conduct self-audits to determine if they are setting off any "red flags."
  • Discusses the options available to providers that determine they may have been billing claims inappropriately.

Watch the Webinar