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Operationalizing Data: Advice from the C-Suite  

Watch the webinar. Operationalizing Data: Advice from the C-suite

What is keeping senior managers in our industry awake at night? In this webinar, panelists James Chebra, Rob Lawrence, Greg Mears and Asbel Montes will discuss ways senior managers can optimize data and turn it into actionable results. Attendees will come away with strategies to ensure corporate, financial, clinical and operational governance.

• Define the EMS intelligence cycle: the process of collecting, collating, analyzing and actioning data and turning it into operational results
• Keep the bucket full: managing cashflow, billing and reimbursement and the crystal ball of future income
• Ensure clinical oversight, quality management and measurable outcomes

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Speaker Information

"James Chebra, Director of EMS, JFK Medical Center; Rob Lawrence, California COO, Paramedics Plus; Greg Mears, MD, Medical Director, ZOLL; and Asbel Montes, Vice President of Governmental Relations and Reimbursement, Acadian Ambulance Service"