RescueNet Link

Dramatically improve patient care by transmitting critical data to the hospital while en route.

The *RescueNet Link system provides seamless information sharing between ZOLL’s E Series® defibrillator/monitor, the RescueNet ePCR patient care reporting program, RescueNet Navigator vehicle mapping, and RescueNet CAD systems including both Dispatch and CommCAD. 

RescueNet Link uses Sense ‘n Sync™ technology that allows all of the ZOLL systems to automatically upload critical information to a large vehicle display to help rescuers provide the best possible care. The same information can be simultaneously viewed by a hospital’s emergency department in real time, allowing staff to be fully prepared for the patient’s arrival.

This innovative technology gives pre-hospital emergency response personnel a single point for information, while simultaneously providing hospital staff with the knowledge to triage incoming patients and assign beds and staff before arrival. For the first time hospital patient care and EMS operations come together through a single system that delivers real-time access to incident and vital clinical information.

*RescueNet Link has been cleared by both the FDA and Health Canada and is now available.

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