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    ZOLL® Data Systems healthcare financial and data solutions are designed with providers and revenue cycle management (RCM) partners in mind. They help reduce administrative burden, capture more revenue, and improve data interoperability and market transparency.​

    Healthcare Financial & Data Solutions

    Improve Healthcare Financial Performance With Automated RCM Tools, Interoperability, and Market Intelligence

    Our suite of healthcare financial and data solutions cover the breadth of your operation, from transfer of care and front-end administration, to billing and payer agreements and strategic planning. Collect, share, and leverage data throughout your operation to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. AI-enhanced tools support you by automating time-consuming manual tasks and delivering accessible, actionable information to help you streamline workflows and capture more revenue with the resources you have in place. Healthcare market intelligence provides visibility into charges, payments, denials, and payer behavior to help inform negotiations and decisions about service offerings and fee schedules.

    " ARxChange used ZOLL AR Boost data to optimize workflows based on micro-segmentation tied to the socio-economic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics of patients. This progressive approach to patient financial engagement enabled our hospital client to improve patient collections by $35.8 million (24.7%) while also reducing the cost to collect."

    James Zadoorian, PhD, Managing Principal | ARxChange

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