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Billing department frustrations are intensifying as Medicare Advantage membership and Medicaid managed care continue to grow. With over 80% of Medicaid recipients in managed care, and approximately 42% of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in commercial plans, unique documentation and billing requirements create complexity and confusion for providers’ billing departments.

The lack of a standardized approach with multiple payers and more billing complexities causes challenges in successfully submitting claims. Maggie Adams, President of EMS Financial Services, will offer solutions for navigating complex insurance plans, saving time through more efficient processes, and optimizing revenue by filing compliant claims.

In this webinar, you’ll take away actionable techniques for:

  • Contracts, network participation, and prior authorizations

  • Billing process best practices

  • In-depth instruction on responding to denials or appeals

  • Optimizing state payer revenue compliantly

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Meet the Speaker

Maggie Adams is the president of EMS Financial Services, with over 25 years’ experience as a business owner and reimbursement and compliance consultant. Known for a practical approach and winning presentation style, Maggie has worked with medical transportation providers and billing companies of all kinds to provide auditing services, assess their billing for best practices and support their billing and documentation training efforts.

Maggie Adams
President, EMS Financial Services