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    ZOLL Data Systems provides software and data solutions that empower EMS, fire, and healthcare industries to deliver more — from better patient outcomes to operational efficiencies and greater revenue capture.

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    Innovation Is in Our DNA

    Our history is steeped in innovation and use of advanced technology, starting in 1956 when our founder, Paul M. Zoll, MD, became the first physician to successfully use external defibrillation to regulate heart rhythms in patients.

    Advanced technologies propel our solutions forward. We are driven by our commitment to help you achieve greater clinical, operational, and financial performance by making data more accessible, more fluid, and more actionable than ever before.

    • Optimize EMS Operations From Dispatch to Discharge

      Our cloud-based solution suite of EMS and Fire solutions covers the scope of your operations, from dispatch to patient care, to incident and operational reporting, to billing.

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    • Integrate Fire Incident, Patient, and Operational Reporting

      Our fire records management system (RMS) enables departments to manage all aspects of daily fire operations via a single, integrated solution.

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    • Improve Healthcare Financial Performance With Automated RCM Tools, Interoperability, and Market Intelligence

      Our healthcare financial and data solutions help reduce administrative burden, capture more revenue, and improve data interoperability and market transparency.

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      • " ZOLL gives us another tool in the arsenal to meet our response times, adjust to system demand, and keep your system working and adjusting on the fly."

        Andy Geske, Chief of Information Technology & Communications | AAA Ambulance Service

        AAA Ambulance Services
      • " PETTIGREW implemented the ZOLL AR Boost suite in early 2022 and it has provided tremendous benefit through both increased revenue and reduced employee expenses. This information has resulted in the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue that would have been delayed or possibly never realized at all."

        Mark Jones, VP of Client Services | Pettigrew Healthcare

      • " With full control over what data gets collected, patient information can be aggregated into meaningful and predictive data."

        Jamie Chebra, EMS Director | JFK EMS

        JFK EMS

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