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Communications centers have always been essential for emergency medical services (EMS). As EMS agencies expand their scope into value-based services, the evolving role of the communications center cannot be understated. To add value to the EMS transformation, communications centers will no longer simply take a call and dispatch a resource.

Watch Matt Zavadsky of MedStar Mobile Healthcare as he shares a vision of the future for communications centers and demonstrates how that future is already in play in some agencies. You’ll learn just how valuable communications centers can be to EMS agencies by:

  • Utilizing technology to dynamically pre-position resources

  • Identifying special classifications of callers

  • Designing response plans based not only on the type of call, but on the type of patient

  • More effectively triaging calls and even facilitating some services

  • And much more

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Meet the Speaker

"Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, NREMT, is the Chief Transformation Officer for MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth, Texas. He has helped guide the implementation of several innovative programs with healthcare partners that have transformed MedStar fully as a Mobile Integrated Healthcare provider, including high utilizer, re-admission reduction, observational admission reduction, hospice revocation avoidance, 911 nurse triage, and partnerships with home health agencies. Matt chairs the NAEMT EMS 3.0 Committee and is the co-author of the book “Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Approach to Implementation” published by Jones & Bartlett Publishing. He has a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration with a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Data Management. "

Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, NREMT
Chief Transformation Officer
MedStar Mobile Healthcare