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EMS agencies can thrive when they receive maximum reimbursement revenue for patients they transport. However, billing professionals often have trouble collecting full reimbursement for filed claims due to incomplete or inaccurate charts, missing or incorrect demographic data, outdated insurance coverage information, and more. When revenue is left on the table, it triggers a domino effect of financial woes. Agencies may struggle to purchase vital equipment and supplies, meet staff payroll, cover daily operational costs, or worse.

The good news is that there are proven methods agencies are using today to consistently collect optimal reimbursement revenue. 

Watch the webinar, “5 Tips for Optimizing EMS Reimbursement Revenue,” during which Steve Sweeney, EMS and Fire Business Expert with ZOLL® Data Systems, will reveal valuable tips, including:

  • Five actions EMS billers can easily take to capture more reimbursement revenue, starting today

  • Proven strategies that ensure payers reimburse the full and fair amount they owe your agency

  • Powerful tools that help EMTs and paramedics build accurate charts, and helps billers file clean claims and monitor them through full reimbursement with less effort than ever before

  • And much, much more

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Meet the Speakers

Steve Sweeney joined ZOLL Data Systems in 2022 as an EMS and Fire Business Consultant. He brings 25 years of experience working as an EMT, Firefighter, and Lead Crew Chief Paramedic. He spent 14 years of his career working with third-party billing agencies (Intermedix, R1RCM, and Digitech). Sweeney’s decades spent as an EMS and Fire provider, coupled with his billing experience, makes him a leading expert in EMS and Fire revenue cycle management.

Steve Sweeney, EMS and Fire Business Consultant | ZOLL Data Systems

Moderator, Matt Moriarty, joined ZOLL Data Systems in 2019 as Director of Product Marketing with more than 20 years’ experience in the B2B Marketing and Partner Management spaces. He has held marketing positions in multiple industries, handling both hardware products and software solutions, including working with two prior healthcare organizations and two prior SaaS companies.

Matt Moriarty, Director of Product Marketing | ZOLL Data Systems