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With reporting deadlines on the horizon for the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection System (GADCS), it’s more important than ever to understand what to expect and to have a plan in place to fulfill these requirements with minimal impact to your agency. 

Watch the webinar, “Leveraging ZOLL® Billing and RescueNet® Billing To Satisfy Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection Requirements,” during which Stacey Bickford, ZOLL Billing Product Manager, will share: 

  • What to expect with the upcoming Medicare GADCS reporting requirements 
  • Action items to ensure that your agency is ready to begin reporting 
  • How ZOLL Billing and RescueNet Billing support you in preparing accurate, timely reports
  • Proper configuration within ZOLL Billing and RescueNet Billing to ensure success

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Meet the Speaker

Stacey Bickford is the Product Manager for ZOLL Billing and has been with ZOLL Data Systems since 2008. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare billing industry, Stacey strives to ensure that ZOLL Billing and RescueNet Billing are best-in-class EMS billing solutions. By using her experience in hospital, physician, and EMS Billing, Stacey incorporates both customer requests and business needs into our ZOLL Data Systems billing offerings to help drive a more efficient claims process that improves financial performance.

Stacey Bickford
ZOLL Billing Product Manager
ZOLL Data Systems