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Butler Medical Transport Shares their Experience Using Mobile Care Connect


Transport Scheduling & Tracking Made Easy

For Butler Medical Transport, scheduling and tracking facility transports was troublesome. Maybe the issues sound familiar to you...

  • crews arriving at the wrong location, cancelled transports, difficulty getting reimbursements - all due to inaccurate transport documentation
  • dispatchers spending on average 11 minutes per transport request between hand-keying requests and wrestling with fax machines to get patients and paperwork to match.

Managing transports for Butler and its facility partners had to change!

Not long ago they evaluated a new solution: Mobile Care Connect, a browser-based solution for scheduling transports, integrated with RescueNet Dispatch.  

Join us to hear Butler share their experiences and lessons learned, including how using Mobile Care Connect has:

  • Decreased time spent scheduling transport requests by 90% (from 11 minutes to 1 minute or less)
  • Improved paperwork compliance by 40% - getting claims out the door faster
  • Reduced payroll of dispatchers dedicated to inter-facility transport by 10% by getting just 3 facilities to use this service
  • Ensure the right crew gets to the right patient at the right time without tying up valuable comm center time

Presenters: Will Rosenberg, Chief Operating Officer, and William Barnes, Director of Communications, from Butler Medical Transport

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