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Refine How You Collect Patient Care Data

Ensure that your ePCR data is complete, secure and provides the insight needed to effectively run your business.

RescueNet ePCR Product Sheet

Improve Speed & Accuracy of Your Medics

What if you could guarantee to capture (and access) all pre-hospital patient, clinical and system information? You can! Leverage the most effective field data solution for record accuracy, data integration and advanced analysis, RescueNet ePCR, in order to:

  • Prevent incomplete patient care reports
  • Improve medic efficacy
  • Reduce risk in the event of litigation or audits
  • Eliminate inefficient paper processes
  • Ensure protocol is followed consistently
  • Use integrated field data for syndromic surveillance
  • Simplify data input
  • Easily navigate industry compliance changes so you can focus on patient care
  • Collect data that is important to you

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What Our Customers are Saying

"With full control over what data gets collected, patient information can be aggregated into meaningful and predictive data."

Jamie Chebra – EMS Director | JFK EMS