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In an emergency, every second counts, but it’s a constant challenge for EMS agencies to quickly get the right level of care to patients with as little manual labor as possible. To better serve patients and improve outcomes, it’s critical to have innovative tools that fit the way they work. Meet the brand new ZOLL® Dispatch and ZOLL Respond CAD solution. 

In this complimentary webinar, Respond Quickly and Communicate Effectively With Intelligent CAD, we’ll take you through a live demonstration of this fully cloud-based solution that has been built from the ground up for dispatching, routing, and fleet tracking. You will see: 

  • User-centric design that presents a single view of all information needed to utilize resources efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Map-centric view that provides spatial awareness of the entire fleet
  • Real-time situational analysis capabilities that automatically communicate response assignments to appropriate units, minimizing delays and helping deliver more quality outcomes
  • Seamless integrations with ZOLL emsCharts® and ZOLL Billing solutions for greater efficiency and superior data integrity
  • Cloud-based infrastructure that offers significant cost savings and reduced maintenance burden
  • On-demand reporting that provides transport metrics and details that were previously difficult to obtain

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Meet the Speakers

Eric Ennis is a Sales Engineer who has been with ZOLL Data Systems for more than 15 years. He has served in multiple departments, with over 10 years in Customer Support, in addition to positions in IT Services and in R&D as a QA specialist. Eric has a strong understanding of all aspects of EMS and fire operations and enjoys helping agencies solve complex issues using software solutions.

Eric Ennis
Sales Engineer
ZOLL Data Systems

Danielle Côté is the Product Manager for ZOLL Dispatch, Mobile Care Connect, and @Work. She is in her 15th year with ZOLL Data Systems and her passion for understanding the customer experience and extensive knowledge across billing, patient care, and EMS is a strong contribution to ZOLL Data Systems. Danielle has a Project Management Professional Certification and Pragmatic Marketing Level VI designation.

Danielle Côté
Product Manager
ZOLL Data Systems

Michael Oldach joined the ZOLL Data Systems team in June 2023, bringing more than 20 years of healthcare IT experience and helping teams deliver customer value and improve business outcomes. Over the years, he has led teams in product management, engineering, customer support and quality assurance. Although new to the EMS industry, his experience includes work on a patient portal, a physician ordering platform, a claims clearinghouse, and a nationwide interoperability solution for exchanging patient data.

Michael Oldach
Product Manager
ZOLL Data Systems