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When a cardiac arrest patient call comes in, EMS professionals know that life is on the line and there’s no substitute for well-trained paramedics. That’s why Richland Fire & Emergency Services (RF&ES) initiated a QA/QI program that analyzes key data from After Action Reviews to make hand-tailored training schedules for field crew members. Their strategy proved to be a recipe for success – resulting in improved life-saving care for cardiac arrest patients. 

Watch this on-demand webinar, “The Power of Data: Delivering Life-saving Care,” presented by Commissioner Michael Van Beek, Battalion Chief of EMS, with RF&ES, to discover: 

  • Five simple steps for studying After Action Reviews, like athletes study “game-film,” to make personalized changes to crew training – resulting in swift field performance improvements 
  • Three core questions you should ask to extract the right data from reviews  
  • Case-study where data insights uncovered the root cause of a mechanical compression device failure and averted a CPR disaster with one easy fix 

Plus, you’ll enjoy a guided-tour, teaching you how RF&ES uses data from the ZOLL® RescueNet® CaseReview to hand-tailor field crew training and deliver life-saving care to cardiac arrest patients. 

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Meet the Speaker

Commissioner Van Beek is a Battalion Chief of EMS and Fire Prevention with Richland Fire & Emergency Services. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University in fire service administration. He lives in the service area of BCFD4 with his wife, Tamara and their two children. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. This includes watching his kids play sports, camping, and watching the Seahawks. He also enjoys woodworking and is currently restoring a 1984 Chevy pickup.

Michael Van Beek,
Battalion Chief of EMS