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Take the Pain Out of
Prior Authorization 

Prior authorization (PA) is complex, and it can take anywhere from one day to a month to process. Learn how to address the root causes of problems plaguing the process to streamline workflows, preserve revenue, and improve the patient experience.

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There are actions you can take to reduce the administrative burden on billing teams and doctors and put the focus back on patients.

The burdensome PA process robs clinicians — and the administrative team that supports them — of time that would be better spent attending to patients. Inaccurate or incomplete data submitted to the health plan triggers a denial, followed by a lot of manual re-work on the provider side. When obstacles to authorize care appear, patients may forego treatment or experience a serious adverse event.

Download this ebook today and learn about strategies ranging from introducing electronic PA to fully automating the PA process. You’ll understand how you can overcome common pain points, such as:

  • Policy rules that change frequently and differ from payer to payer

  • Burdensome, time-consuming administrative tasks that take focus off of patients

  • Inefficient processes reliant on faxing, phone tag, and emailing

  • Data errors that trigger denials and delays

  • Unstructured and unpredictable workflows

  • Obstacles for patients who have critical care needs

  • Uncollectible revenue written off as bad debt

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