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Top 5 Recommendations for Improving Fleet Safety & Savings with Road Safety



KPIs for fleet efficiency are there at your fingertips, knowing how to manage and interpret these pieces of data are key to a successful return on your safety program. Learn how Butler Medical transport uses the data from Road Safety to make their patient, crew members, and other drivers safer, as well as improve overall vehicle health. Some of these KPIs include:

  • Overall Driver Score
  • Varying Time Periods
  • Spotter Violations
  • Engine Idle
  • Seat Belt Violations
  • Extreme Violations of All types

Presented By

"Will Rosenberg is the Chief Operating Officer at Butler Medical Transport, the largest privately held commercial ambulance service operating in Maryland and The District of Columbia. Will has been in EMS for more than 17 years, starting as a field EMT at Syracuse University, and then as a paramedic in New York State. After moving to Maryland to pursue a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, he worked his way from ground paramedic, fixed wing critical care paramedic to Operations Manager. In the fall of 2002, Will came to Butler Medical, an upstart company with four employees and two vehicles. He has instrumental in Butler’s growth to more than 300 employees and 80 vehicles, and one of the first SCT Credentialed companies in Maryland. Will is an active volunteer paramedic and serves as the Fire Chief for a volunteer fire department in Harford County, Maryland."

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