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Every EMS billing department faces challenges with getting paid quickly and at the maximum allowable rate. The reality is that the challenges aren’t so different from agency to agency; many billers are dealing with the same roadblocks that result in payment delays or denials. Learning proven ways to navigate around these common roadblocks will help billers improve their agency’s billing processes and cash flow.  


In this complimentary webinar, Maggie Adams, president of EMS Financial Services, Inc., will share best practices on how to receive payments faster, based on her 30 years of EMS experience. 


Attendees will learn: 

  • The impact of dispatch on billing for emergency and non-emergency transport 
  • Essential payer verification steps and how to get to the right payer 
  • The most common billing errors that hold up payments 
  • Payer differentiations and the claims submissions process 
  • Accounts payable management essentials for third-party payers, facilities, and self-pay accounts 


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Meet the Speaker

Maggie Adams is the President of EMS Financial Services, Inc. with 30 years of ambulance industry experience to help providers improve billing process and compliance. Maggie serves on the Board of the Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania. She recently served four years on the Regulatory Compliance Advisory Board of the Non-Emergency Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC), was a lecturer at their annual conference, and wrote articles for the quarterly NEMTAC Magazine. She is a member of the National Association of Mobile Integrated Health Providers (NAMHIP) and recently presented at their Summit at EMS Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Maggie lectured for the EMS Leadership Institute and is a member of the Wharton Women’s Forum of the University of Pennsylvania. She has written numerous articles and appeared on podcasts on topics related to ambulance billing, documentation, and compliance. Throughout her career, Maggie has been a sought-after speaker for state and national conferences.

Maggie Adams
EMS Financial Services, Inc.