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There is no guaranteed way to prevent audits, but there are best practices that will keep your organization from raising red flags and efficiently moving through the process if an audit does occur.

Audit preparedness starts with having complete, accurate patient documentation that provides evidence of revenue integrity. In addition, great ePCRs can prevent avoidable delays in the claims lifecycle, as well as promote maximum, allowable reimbursement.

In this webinar, “Configuring Patient Charts: Your Path to Revenue Integrity and Reducing Reimbursement Delays,” you will gain a better understanding of CMS requirements/rules and the ePCR data fields and validations that can support documentation and promote compliance. You will learn about:

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) documentation requirements for Coverage of Ground and Coverage of Air
  • CMS Advanced Life Support (ALS) Assessment Rule
  • CMS Emergency Response
  • Signature documents and Certified First Responder (CFR) requirements
  • Specific ePCR data fields and validations that may help reduce risk of denials

Plus, you’ll earn a CEU!

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Meet the Speakers

For years, Chuck McSweeney has been focused on improving the ZOLL emsCharts user experience by identifying and assisting in how each user can take full advantage of the software. Chuck has been involved in emergency medical service for over thirty years as an EMT, paramedic, flight paramedic, and agency director. Chuck’s education includes a Master of Science in Public Safety from Saint Joseph’s University, a Bachelor of Science in EMS Management from MCP Hahnemann University, and an Associate of Science in Allied Health Care Management from Camden County College. He is also a Certified Public Manager.

Chuck has an extensive clinical knowledge base and hands-on experience at the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Office of Emergency Medical Service. Combining these skill sets, along with the knowledge of the ZOLL emsCharts software platform solution, he launches customers into a highly successful position for sustainability and growth.

Chuck McSweeney
Clinical Patient Care Consultant
ZOLL Data Systems

Lesa Melbostad is a Certified Healthcare Compliance Professional who works as the Compliance Manager of the Revenue Cycle Management department for Golden Hour. Lesa has a nursing background since 1984 and started her journey into the ambulance industry in 2006 when she took on a position with Golden Hour as a Utilization Review Nurse. Since 2006, Lesa has held several leadership positions within the RCM department of Golden Hour and takes an active role in customer education.

Lesa has multiple certifications from the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance: Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer, Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer, Certified Ambulance Coder, and Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist. She is proficient with CMS Federal Guidelines, as well as the Code of Federal Regulations, related to ambulance services and documentation requirements.

Lesa Melbostad
Revenue Cycle Management Compliance Manager
Golden Hour, a ZOLL Company