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Join healthcare automation expert, Alex Svitnev, as he dives into the unique characteristics of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and electronic data interchange (EDI) and discusses the pros and cons of automation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in consideration of healthcare data and integration standards. Watch now to learn:

  • What are AI and RPA, and are they the same?

  • What is EDI, and can it be used with AI?

  • How does automated healthcare software impact billing, coding, and claims management?

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Meet the Speaker

"A leader in healthcare software for more than a decade, Alex Svitnev is passionate about making healthcare more attainable and patient focused. As Director of Product for ZOLL Billing, he is focused on providing a seamless revenue cycle experience for emergency medical services (EMS), hospitals, and healthcare systems. Having career experience on both the payer and the provider side, Alex brings unique insight into the gaps and challenges currently rippling through the healthcare industry, including how those items impact patients. His ultimate goal is to innovate solutions that make healthcare systems more efficient while enabling them to serve their patients better. "

Alex Svitnev, Direct of Product, ZOLL Billing;
ZOLL Data Systems