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Healthcare is a highly competitive marketplace and emergency services (EMS) providers, in particular, are facing greater downward pressures than ever before. A large part of any provider strategy is successfully navigating relationships — especially relationships with payers. Yet today, engaging payers in good faith negotiations can feel challenging. Providers may face a “take it or leave it” offer if they don’t come in with a persuasive position. How can EMS providers turn the tables and bring balance back into the negotiations?

Watch this insightful panel discussion focusing on three key areas designed to rebalance the scales:

  • Utilizing independent data sources to establish the market and the value of your services within that market
  • Deploying arbitration as well as the independent dispute resolution process under the NSA
  • Occasionally moving forward with litigation when payers push bad payer tactics to the brink

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Meet the Pannel

Tyler Williams is a successful entrepreneur whose experience in healthcare reimbursement, business, and data combine to provide deep industry insight into the challenges faced by medical providers and healthcare professionals. As the RCM Director of a large, pediatric emergency medicine firm in the 1990s, Tyler experienced the challenges of bad payer tactics and obtaining accurate and timely payer information from the patient. His struggles inspired him to pioneer what the industry now knows as insurance discovery and healthcare identity (or demographics verification) and to launch the company, Payor Logic. Today, Tyler serves as Director of Strategy, AR Optimization for ZOLL Data Systems and ensures that providers have access to high quality data reflecting the patient’s unique financial characteristics to enable optimal and compliant reimbursement. Tyler is a nationally recognized speaker on AR optimization and innovation.

Tyler Williams
Director of Strategy, AR Optimization
ZOLL Data Systems

Cody Dumas is an experienced corporate attorney focused on entity structuring and governance, complex transactions, protection of trade secrets and confidential information, provider reimbursement and revenue cycle management, and general business advice and counsel.

Cody began his career as Associate General Counsel for a statewide multi-service operation of successful freestanding emergency departments, physician staffing practices, and a management services organization and, most recently, held the position of Chief Legal Officer for a growing hospital health system in Houston, Texas.Cody now applies this knowledge when working with DumasNeel’s clients and devotes his time and energy to ensuring that clients are best positioned for long term success by working to develop sustainable operational solutions from both legal and business perspectives.

Cody Dumas
Managing Attorney

Thomas Moore, a junior partner with Fitch & Associates, serves as the Director of Emergency Medical Services for University Medical Center Health System in Lubbock, Texas. As a consultant, he serves leading health systems, public safety agencies, and government units in radically transforming their operating models and cost structures, improving performance, and building sustainable businesses. His primary focus areas include strategy, growth, M&A, business building, large-scale performance transformations, procurement of Emergency Medical Services, and risk disaggregation and reallocation across the healthcare system. He also supports clients in developing innovative approaches to reduce medical and administrative costs, defining organizational strategies, and optimizing their organizations.

Thomas J. Moore, Jr.
Fitch, and Associates

Bringing over 20 years of healthcare experience and customer advocacy to Golden Hour in her role as Senior Director of Quality at Golden Hour, Jennifer Surban began her career at a healthcare startup. She grew that business for more than a decade, managing on-call specialty contracts, physician credentialing and enrollment, and the creation of a proprietary enrollment and billing software. She eventually took on a management role for the billing department with 50+ staff. Jennifer then became co-director at Golden Hour Data Systems, handling the quality and compliance team and project leads. She’s also acted as the technology liaison between vendors, customers, and billing software. Recently, Jennifer acted as a consultant for a telehealth program, a practice management billing company, a home health practice, and a laboratory start-up with vendors in the Philippines, Brazil, and Pakistan.

Jennifer Surban
Senior Director of Quality, Product & Revenue Cycle Optimization
Golden Hour