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Top 5 Ways Your ePCR can Boost Hospital Relationships


Join the Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) Webinar to learn how they dramatically improved their relationships with local hospitals by leveraging clinical dashboards from their ePCR product.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What MCHD did to significantly reduce the number of calls coming from each hospital asking how many cardiac, stroke, trauma, and sepsis patients went to other hospitals
  • How MCHD gave each hospital visibility not only to their own transport volume and incidents, but also the surrounding hospitals without causing an uproar
  • See what clinical dashboards were created through direct collaboration and free sharing with each hospital
  • Uncover how sharing clinical dashboards changed MCHD’s own protocols, making them a leader in pre-hospital care within their region
Presented by:
Guy Gleisberg, MCHD
Kevin Crocker, MCHD

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