RescueNet FireRMS

Fire Department Software as Mobile as You Are 

RescueNet FireRMS is not a simple NFIRS fire incident reporting software, it is a complete solution designed to manage all aspects of small and large fire departments.

RescueNet FireRMS is designed with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, which makes the administration of daily operations simple. Flexibility and ease of customization lets you tailor your system to meet your individual department needs. The modules are tightly integrated, which minimizes redundant data entry and report completion time, and reduces the cost associated with administrative services allowing you to focus on life-saving operations.

Modules include:

NFIRS/State Reporting,
Advanced EMS
Maintenance/Work Orders.

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Seamless integration with other applications offers increased services and enhanced productivity. Now with enhanced mobility, you can take your enterprise application wherever you go. Whether you are managing an incident; performing inspections; providing life support; or scheduling trainings or shifts, you can perform your work wherever, whenever. Our unique mobile application allows for wireless access to all modules – regardless if there is a connection present. This provides unprecedented access to key information, and the ability to add to or update information anytime – anywhere.

Additional add-ons to the core RescueNet FireRMS product include RescueNet Collector for regional data collection and RescueNet FireRMS Dashboard for centralized access to your fire rescue products. 

frms mobile screenshots (4)