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    Get Empowered and Share Knowledge With Peers and ZOLL® Experts

    ZOLL Academy offers a continuing-education learning environment to help our customers advance fundamental knowledge and cultivate expertise so they can get the most out of their ZOLL Data Systems solutions and help their organizations thrive.

    Delivered in a variety of formats to suit all learning preferences, our programs cover everything you want to know about your software: functionality basics, shortcuts, upgrades, feature and release content, implementation tips, and more.

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    In-person regional user groups that provide hands-on product trainings and content based on a specific region. Smaller, more intimate group settings foster open discussions, networking, and access to ZOLL Data Systems product and industry subject matter experts.

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    Live, instructor-led product-training webinars for new and seasoned users. These 30-60 minute sessions delve into configurations, settings, use cases, best practices, and more. Topics vary each month.

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    This program enables customers to implement ZOLL emsCharts® under the guidance of a ZOLL Data Systems program manager. Also available are educational videos, new administrator trainings, re-trainings using the "Train the Trainer" model, and more.

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    Post-implementation check-ins with account managers ensure larger customers are supported and maximizing use of ZOLL Data Systems solutions.

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    Online help guides and videos containing information on product features and functionality, administration and end-user help content, and version release updates.

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