RescueNet ePCR

The most complete electronic patient care reporting system that fits any budget


The RescueNet ePCR suite from ZOLL has long been known as the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive electronic patient care reporting solution. It is now available in a flexible, hosted format with per run pricing to meet the budget and IT support needs of any organization, including yours.

With the RescueNet ePCR solution, you are able to simplify data collection, improve access to information, and enhance operational efficiency. With the hosted solution, you are able to realize these critical benefits, regardless of your financial and operational resources. Over 450 organizations nationwide depend on the RescueNet ePCR suite and now you can too.

Get the benefits of the RescueNet ePCR Suite in a format tailored to meet your budget and support requirements. RescueNet ePCR is NOW available as a hosted solution to meet your specific budget and maintenance needs. Flexible options are available for organizations with constrained resources and limited budgets as well as groups with IT maintenance and support staff.

RescueNet ePCR Suite is NEMSIS-compliant at the Gold Level

 Have questions about NEMSIS or the HL7 organization? Download our NEMSIS HL7 FAQ document for answers.


ePCR Screenshots for Quick Log and Workflow