RescueNet ePCR

The most complete electronic patient care reporting system that fits any budget

RescueNet ePCR from ZOLL is a pre-hospital patient care data collection and reporting application that is NEMSIS Gold compliant. Designed for speed and accuracy, RescueNet ePCR, assists medics in quickly generating complete, real-time electronic patient care reports in a mobile environment.

The true benefit to data management is in the integration. RescueNet ePCR integrated with RescueNet Dispatch, ZOLL’s X Series Monitor/Defibrillator, RescueNet FireRMS, and RescueNet Billing allows you to track and trend patient data from dispatch through discharge.  When true data integration is in effect, your organization runs more efficiently, patient outcomes improve, and the billing process is faster.

RescueNet ePCR is ideal for EMS organizations of all sizes. Our different levels of service ensure that all EMS organizations can relax knowing that you are supported by a reliable partner. 

About RescueNet ePCR:

  • Intuitive - collect patient data in the same order you care for the patient
  • Friendly - easy-to-use and requires minimal training
  • Customizable - customize buttons, fields and drop-down menus to make data capture easy
  • Smart - make sure reports are complete the first time through mandatory fields
  • Scalable - whether you are adhering to reporting requirements or you are tracking and analyzing your pcr data to improve patient outcomes, we have a solution for your needs
  • Integrated - patient care is just one stop on the patient's journey. Track your patient data from dispatch through discharge through integration with RescueNet Dispatch, ZOLL X Series, RescueNet FireRMS, and RescueNet Billing

epcr screenshot